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Antidote 71 Mar 25, 2019 12:00:00 AM

NCAA Basketball Logo Madness | Antidote 71

It All Starts With Friendly Competition

We love some good, friendly, competition at the office so of course NCAA March Madness has taken over lunch time discussions, games have been playing in the background during the afternoon and bracket busting has commenced.

The Occupational Hazard of So Many Logos

We also started taking a closer look at all of the team logos. I guess you could say it’s an occupational hazard! (Full disclosure, at least one of us chose our teams in his or her bracket based on the logo colors he or she liked better). Soooooo we thought we’d have a little fun ranking them as well. 


How We Set Up NCAA Logo Madness

We initially seeded them the same as the tournament bracket, then everyone on the team got a chance to vote on their favorite. No rules on how to pick, just whichever logo each person preferred. The logo that received the most votes, moved on to the next round. 

Standings After 2 Rounds

The first two rounds of Logo Madness have been completed and we wanted to share the results with you! You can see which logos won and what percentage of the votes they received.

Antidote 71 Logo Madness Sweet Sixteen Bracket

We’d Love Your Opinion on Our Picks

What do you think about the winners? Did any of our picks surprise you? It’s worth noting that some of the votes were VERY close with our team—and some were complete landslides.

Who do you think will move on to the Elite Eight based on logo preference alone? Check back later this week to find out!