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Antidote 71 Apr 9, 2019 12:00:00 AM

Logo Madness: A Champion Emerges

An Unpredictable Winner

Much like March Madness, we came into our Logo Madness brackets wide-eyed and full of hope. And then things started to take left turns and fall apart before our eyes. I think if you asked any of us at the beginning who our champion would be - we wouldn't have guessed correctly. And like many a busted bracket, here we sit. In the end, it came down to  Northeastern v Murray State. And well, here are the results: 


A wild ride of logo design

In the end, Murray State pulls out a win for our Logo Madness. Why did the team go this way? Here are some direct comments from the voting:
  • Northeastern was my #1 pick from the start. Great use of positive/negative space, very recognizable, determined expression on the face. Very well done. Murray State is also a really good logo. They did a great job of simplifying a really complex image.
  • You can’t beat Murray State.
  • Oh look, Duke won the championship.
  • Feels like I’m about to get trampled by a horse. I like that.
  • I have to vote for the dog over the polo pony.
  • How could you vote against the dog?!
  • It wasn’t my favorite logo on the bracket but Northeastern wins this one for me.
  • Love the simplicity of the illustration.
What do you think? Any rounds that we totally got wrong? Was Murray State your pick? Tell us in the comments or over on Facebook!