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Antidote 71 Nov 3, 2016 12:00:00 AM

JD Gordon Creative Labs Announces Name Change

SIOUX CITY, Iowa – November 3, 2016 – JD Gordon Creative Labs, a Sioux City based advertising agency, formally announces its name change to Antidote 71, effective immediately. The agency also unveiled a new identity and website at

Iowa Advertising Veterans Join Forces to Form Antidote 71

After working on projects together for nearly 20 years, agency Principals Jeff Gordon and Rich Mackey came together to form Antidote 71. Their goal is to navigate the intersect and overlap of traditional and digital marketing for their clients.
“We’ve always been a creative firm that believed and understood strategy,” Jeff Gordon, Managing Partner of Creative said. “With Rich on board, we’re focusing on bridging the gap between digital and traditional advertising. As Antidote 71, we expanded our offering of services to better integrate clients’ messages regardless of their method or medium.”

New Ownership Structure Along with Name Change

Mackey joined the agency as both a partner and owner in February of this year. Gordon and Mackey maintain an equal stake in the company. The company’s headquarters will remain in Sioux City, Iowa.
“Nearly 20 years ago, Jeff and I talked about forming an agency that would do things differently,” Rich Mackey, Managing Partner of Strategy said. “On both the client side and agency side, we’ve noticed a wall between traditional and digital marketing. Approaching marketing as an integrated, fluid process simply makes sense. One that views traditional and digital on the same playing field yields greater results for clients.”

About Antidote 71

Founded in 2002 as JD Gordon Design in Omaha, Neb., as solely a design firm, Antidote 71 has evolved to become a full-service agency. The agency specializes in merging creative with brand strategy in both digital and traditional spaces to drive significant added value for clients. For more information, contact: Rich Mackey, Managing Partner / Strategy