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Antidote 71 Jul 30, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Hello. | Antidote 71 Blog Post

It's a simple word but it speaks volumes. An instant introduction. A desire to get acquainted. Or re-acquainted. And so... hello. We're familiar faces and names working together to do something different for our clients. For too long we've noticed a wall between traditional and digital marketing. Separate planning. Separate creative. Separate strategy. There had to be a better way.

A better solution.

We took everything traditional about marketing—tv, radio, print, outdoor, direct mail, brand design—aimed it straight at digital–web sites, social media, banner ads, PPC and SEO—and hit the accelerator on both. As they raced toward one another, we knew something would happen. Spectacular disaster? Tear in the space-time continuum? Discovery of a new color of blue?


A beautiful collision.

Like tectonic plates coming together to form mountains. Like colors mixing together to form new beauty. Or the perfect steak  combined with the right amount of salt, pepper and olive oil. The collision of traditional and digital is a perfect combination. We learned that it is possible to balance your Facebook reach and frequency with radio. To measure our impact on Hulu with your impact on local television. To marry direct mail and digital lead generation. In short, to think about campaigns holistically from the beginning and plan one strategy for all of our clients' marketing—executed in the best medium to reach the right target.

A new remedy.

We wanted to send a clear signal that something is different now. Our world has changed. Our approach to marketing for our clients (and ourselves) has changed. And Antidote 71 was born. An antidote is a solution. A remedy. A cure for what ails you. And that's our approach to solving problems for clients. Whether it's simply increasing sales or launching a new product, or something more complex like developing an end-to-end integrated lead generation strategy and executing it seamlessly over the next 3 years. Or anything in between. And the 71? Take us out for drinks and we'll talk about it. (Actually reveal a bit more around the prime number in our name in the weeks to come. But we're still up for drinks!)

20 years in the making.

When agency principals Jeff Gordon & Rich Mackey (that's me of course) worked together at their first jobs in advertising nearly 20 years ago, we talked about forming an agency that would "do things differently." Of course, we had no idea what that meant at the time, but knew that "business as usual" didn't have to be so, well, usual. Facebook didn't exist yet. The internet was still called the world wide web and dial up AOL was still in its heyday. Snapchat wasn't even a twinkle in Evan Spiegel's eye (he was 7 at the time). A lot has changed since then and their marketing careers took very different paths. But the desire to accentuate the great things agencies and companies were doing and flip the things that weren't working was still there. We just had to adapt it for a digital world.

Ready for the future.

The integration of digital and traditional marketing will be a constant evolution. But we're excited to be on the road, and excited to have our clients—those we have today and those who don't even know us yet—along for the adventure and exploration. Take a moment and subscribe to our blog posts below and you'll be notified whenever we post a new one (and we promise it won't spam your inbox—we hate that too). Thanks for coming on this journey with us. And hey... hello!

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