Rich Mackey

Rich Mackey
Working both client-side and agency-side, Rich has a broad expertise across multiple disciplines. Lately he’s been diving deep into SEO & digital lead generation.
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Meet Drew - Summer Social Media Intern

Posted by Rich Mackey on Aug 7, 2018 9:42:40 AM

As we approach the end of summer (I know, we can hardly believe it either) we had to make sure to give a shout out to Drew Girres, our summer social media intern extraordinaire. Summer internships can be a bit tricky. For Antidote 71, they're real, working internships. Legitimate client work, day in and day out. And we this year we wanted a commitment of 20 hours a week (paid of course). 

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Lead Generation Through Social Media

Posted by Rich Mackey on Dec 18, 2017 10:43:57 AM

When you log onto social media each day, you’re presented with information about what’s happened while you were gone. You see Chris just Snapchatted his pizza and that Holly is live tweeting interior design tips from an industry conference. You were also served an ad from your local clothing boutique about their summer clearance sale.

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Improve Local Search for Your Business With These Five Tips

Posted by Rich Mackey on May 4, 2017 2:30:04 AM

Have you ever been frustrated by inaccurate information about your business in an online listing or local search? You're not alone. But did you know you can do something about it? There are 13 companies that aggregate business listings and serve them to the hundreds of thousands of sites across the internet that show them. Optimizing with these 13 companies can improve how you show up to Google—and to customers.

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In-House Marketing or Hire an Agency? 3 Considerations to Evaluate

Posted by Rich Mackey on Apr 24, 2017 9:42:38 AM

After my first 10 years working at ad agencies in Sioux City, Omaha and Chicago, I had the opportunity to become the client for the first time and be the in-house marketing lead for a company. It was a tough decision—agency life was comfortable for me—but I had never been "the client" and felt it would give me unique perspective if I ever came back to the agency side of the business again. And it certainly did.

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Posted by Rich Mackey on Jul 29, 2016 7:21:21 PM

It's a simple word but it speaks volumes. An instant introduction. A desire to get acquainted. Or re-acquainted. And so... hello.

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