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Antidote 71 May 12, 2017 12:00:00 AM

Use Brand Ambassadors to Generate Leads on LinkedIn

To your peers, LinkedIn is considered the social media hub for professionals. It’s where you’re networking with your peers, following influencers and joining groups to stay updated on the latest industry news. It’s also the perfect place for your business to create additional product buzz by crafting sharable content that generates leads and sales via thought leadership strategies.

Choose connected leaders to represent and prospect for your brand on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a tricky channel to prospect from via your business page because that page cannot operate as a ‘person’ – you can’t comment on groups or participate in conversation with your page’s interface the same way you can on other popular channels. Because of this, you’ll need to think about how you’ll get your product and thought leadership messages across other areas of the space. It's easy to start doing this when you use trusted and personable members in your company. It's easiest to choose those brand ambassadors by first deciding what types of groups you'll want to prospect in. Our social prospecting workbook outlines how to search for LinkedIn groups that could have the most prospecting potential for your business. Use that list when choosing internal brand ambassadors – sales representatives, internal communications members, etc. If a member of your team is already established – or at least a long term member – in a group that you’ve defined as lead generating, it may be time for them to be a brand champion in that group.

Leaders can (and should) adapt your brand's larger LinkedIn content strategy to generate leads

Even if you’re new to participating in LinkedIn groups, there’s good news – the strategies you use to generate leads on your company page won’t differ much from how your brand advocates should reach new customers in groups.
  • Share originally written thought leadership content: This is the right place for thought leadership and product specific blog promotions. You can also take advantage of the blog format within LinkedIn and share that content with your connections and groups.
  • Comment on and discuss third party content: You’ll need to interact with others in the group so they see you as a ‘go to’ for information on particular topics.
  • Product updates via your website: Because you’re already working to establish yourself as a thought leader, an occasional product plug will remind people what you’re selling.
  • Promote yourself: Are you speaking at an industry conference? Promote it. Exhibiting at a trade show? Let your leads know that you’ll be there to talk in a no-pressure setting.

Our free workbook will help you get started with prospecting on LinkedIn

Most importantly, remember that your leads have to trust you and recognize you as a thought leader in this space to believe they need or will consider what you’re selling. To get started on finding LinkedIn groups that are appropriate for your business, or for further tips on how to take action and increase your business, download our social prospecting workbook below.
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