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Antidote 71 Jan 27, 2017 12:00:00 AM

Upcoming Changes to Google Pay-Per-Click Advertisements

Over the past several months, Google has been rolling out updates to how Pay-Per-Click (PPC) text ads are displayed.

By taking advantage of the new expanded ad changes highlighted below, businesses can clearly — and more effectively — communicate with their customers, potentially driving more traffic to their website.

Outlined below are the changes that will impact standard Google PPC text ads along with details on how the new expanded ads will help your business market products and services.

Modify existing Google Pay-Per-Click text ads and strategies

While standard text ads that were created before January 31st 2017 will still be served to leads and customers, Google will not allow users to create or edit their standard text ads after this date.

Google recommends that businesses use this opportunity to rethink their current AdWords strategies when first approaching the new ad format. They also noted that businesses should avoid adding a second headline to current text ads in order to meet the new expanded ad requirements.

With the expanded character count in the headline and description fields, it’s best practice to rewrite the entire ad(s). This will allow your team to better explain what you do or what you have that sets you apart from your competition. After all, you have more clickable space to do so. Taking advantage of that means more potential clicks to your website.

When writing headlines, you’ll also want to think about the hyphen that separates your two headlines — allowing you to connect two punchy thoughts in your ads. Think of the description a mini story for your ads. You only have seconds to grab someone’s attention, so make it work for your business.

Expanded ads help businesses describe their products more effectively

Companies can now say more about their products or services with Google’s expanded PPC advertisements — which include not only an increased character count, but a modified look/display. The new expanded ads will contain:

Two headline fields with up to 30 characters each — Standard text ads allowed for one 25-character headline, so the new expanded ads more than double the amount of characters businesses can use in ads. Headline fields are connected on the same line via a hyphen.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="480"] Old Google Text ads (left) vs. New Expanded Ads (right) Old Google Text Ads (left) vs. New Expanded Ads (right)[/caption]

One description field with up to 80 characters — Standard text ads allowed for two 35-character description fields. With one 80-character field, businesses have more freedom to expand one thought/call-to-action.

A display URL that will use your desired URL’s domain — Your URL and display URL do not need to match. So for example, you can send users several pages deep within your website to see a product or service area but still display the homepage URL in the ad.

Two optional path fields that are used in the ad’s display URL with up to 15 characters each  — The path fields help you better identify where users will land on your website (e.g. displayURLhere/sale/fall2017). You can modify the path URLs — providing enough information about the user’s destination without confusing them with too much text. The path fields are placed after the display URL.

Where users will see the new expanded ad format

On the Google Search Network — Ads will appear above or below a user’s search results on Google. On Google Play, Google Shopping and Google Maps (including the Maps app), they’ll show up next to, above or below a user’s search.

On the Google Display Network — Ads will appear based on an audience that is more likely to click on those ads (e.g. those who have visited your website). You can choose where ads appear in the Display Network and even block pages that aren’t a good fit for your ads.

Worry less when Antidote 71 manages your Google Pay-Per-Click ads

Our team helps clients every day by:

  • Writing new expanded ads that that not only grab attention and clicks, but work alongside clients' current marketing messages
  • Analyzing current Google PPC strategies, offering advice on optimization and copy
  • Managing Google PPC ad campaigns entirely (from copy to execution with monthly reporting), allowing you to focus on other lead generating strategies

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you improve your Google PPC strategies or for more detail on how our team can help you write new expanded ads that sell your products/business.

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